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I arranged to buy a tv off of kijiji.com from someone. We sent emails back and forth, trivial things like, "I'm interested in the tv, how old is it, does it have a remote blah blah blah." I then told her that if I could barter her down to $125 I would take it. She said sure. We arrange a time (6:45 this morning...as they were going to be moving today and would be up early anyways). She tells me her address and her cell number so I can call when I get there since her building doesn't have a buzzer. I ask if the tv and tv stand had boxes and if they would fit in a car. She replies that no, they don't have boxes but that the tv fit in the car but the stand wouldn't, although she could take it apart for me if I wanted. That last email was on Wednesday. I replied last night saying that I'd like it if she took the stand apart.

Me: Hey, I'm interested in the tv and stand. I'm just wondering how old they are. Thanks.

Hi Leslie,
Both peices are less than six months old.

If I can barter you down to $125 I'll take it.

Hi Leslie,
That works for me...when can you come get it?! We are moving friday so I would like it gone before then. Let me know when you're free

Hi Lisa, I suppose that all depends on where you live. I may be able to come by today during the day (I'm not sure yet). On Thursday I work until 5:30 so sometime in the evening work work, although I'm free all Friday and could come pick it up early morning (depending on what time you're moving). Let me know what works best for you.

Hi Leslie,
Sure...Lets do Friday morning. Im at _________ Ave SW...its called Kingston Manor. My cell is ______ so give me a call when you get there because there is no buzzer. What time do you think you'll be there?

Hi Lisa,
I can do any time that's convenient for you, but I'd rather miss rush hour traffic. So I could do, say, 7 am or 9 am. Or earlier or later. I don't mind waking up early, so it's whatever is the most convenient for you.

Hi Leslie,
thats great...we'll be up early that morning anyways, so around 7 is perfect.

Hi Lisa,
Okay, great. I'll probably aim to be there around 6:45ish if you don't mind. I forgot to ask, do you still have the boxes for the tv and stand? And do you think they'll fit into a car? I have a decent sized car, but it's not huge. Thanks a bunch.

6:45 is great, but unfortunately, I dont have the boxes for the stand or the tv....sorry! I doubt that they will both fit into the backseat of the car as is. If you want, I will take apart the stand for you...but you'll have to figure out how to put it all back together... The TV will fit (It did in my car).

I sent the email last night saying that I did want her to take it a part.

Then I get to her apartment this morning at 6:45. I call her cell phone, there's a click like someone hanging right up. I call again, just ringing. I call again and it's saying "This customer is unavailable, please try again later." At this point I've been there for about fifteen minutes and I have to get my boyfriend to work. So we leave, and I keep calling for the next hour, still getting the same message. I figure something is wrong with her phone.

So I call her again, just a couple minutes ago and the conversation goes like this.

Phone: *ringing*
Me: *surprised*
Lisa: (Sounding sleepy) Hello?
Me: Hi, is this Lisa?
Lisa: Yeah...
Me: This is Leslie calling, I was suppose to come pick up your tv today, but I couldn't get a hold of you this morning. What other time would work for you so I can come pick it up?
Lisa: Umm...Well, I never heard back from you, so I didn't know if you wanted me to take the stand apart.
Me: Oh, I guess you didn't get the email I sent you last night saying that I did.
Lisa: I sold it.
Me: What?
Lisa: I never heard back from you so I sold it to someone else.
Me: (Getting really angry) Why would you do that? I told you I wanted it.
Lisa: (Weakly) Yeah, but I never got another email so I didn't know what time you'd be coming or...
Me: The ONLY thing you didn't know was if I wanted the stand taken apart. I told you I wanted it, I told you what time I'd be coming. You shouldn't have sold it to someone else.
Lisa: (Keeps going on about how she "didn't know" and other crap)
Me: (Finally, still sounding pissed off) I think that was very unethical of you, but thanks for your time. Bye.

WTF. Why the hell did she sell that to someone else. It was a really good deal on that tv. I'M SO PISSED OFF. (And sent her an email message telling her she's full of fail.)

How in the ever loving fuck did I not make it clear I wanted this tv, was going to come pick it up, and pay for it? ARGH. I know it's kijiji, but it's also just human decency. If you've already agreed to something, you don't go back on it. Especially since you'll be getting someone outside your door at 6:45 in the morning.

ETA: I sent her two emails. One said "There was no ambiguity in whether I wanted it or not. You're either on crack, an asshole, or too much of a coward to face me and say that you sold it to someone else." And then included all the emails we exchanged.

And I sent her an email just now telling her that I reported her to kijiji for breaking a contract.

I wonder if I'll ever get an email back from her? That would be interesting...
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