est. 1986 (deb4uchery) wrote in bad_service,
est. 1986

This is no where near as harsh as some of the service I’ve read in here, but it still made me go ‘wtf’


I was at the dentist and had to book an appointment for stage 2 of my root canal. I was in a severe amount of pain as the temporary filling had fallen out and I needed it fixed ASAP. The receptionist (who is usually really lovely) couldn’t figure out who I had started the process with, as she forgot to input it into the computer, so she asked me to explain the dentist to her.


Me: Um, we were in the room at the very end on the right and she had really long black hair, She…

Receptionist: Lady.

Me: I’m sorry?

R: The dentist is a Chinese lady.

Me: Um…ok

R: Was it Lily? She was here last Saturday.

Me: Er, I can’t remember if sh…the lady was named Lily or not, I’m sorry, I thought all this was would be on my record, hence why I never bothered to remember. And I’m fairly sure she is Korean (FYI- she is. She was telling her assistant about what Korea was like growing up as her assistant is going on holiday )

(Cue one of the dentists coming out to help her, I’ll call her D)

D: What’s the problem?

R: She cannot remember who she saw last time and for some reason there is no record of it. So I won’t be able to make you an appointment for this afternoon.

D: Er, click on her file and bring up the last date she was here. All the information will be there.

Me: Look, I’m sorry that I can’t remember her name, but she was the only dentist here last Saturday. I need an appointment booked this afternoon, as I can’t handle this pain.

D: I understand that, it would have been Lily that you saw.

R: Yes, I told you it was the Asian one.

*cue baffled looks from myself and D*


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