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Disgusting Subway experience

Today I had one of the most disgusting experiences of my life at Subway.  My co-worker and I eat there at least once a week.  Today, we sat down as per usual to our lunches.  I noticed my co-worker staring at the wall, and looked over, and there was a roach on the wall right by our table.  We moved a few tables down, and then I noticed a much larger roach on the bathroom door.  My co-worker decided at this point to discretely let a manger know, and the manager just said "Oh, we sprayed this morning so they're coming out", and proceeded to sweep.  I fail to see how that would resolve anything.  At this point, we were both losing our appetites very quickly, but didn't want to waste our money, so attempted to continue eating.  Of course, that's when we saw the third roach on the wall.  We were so disgusted that we threw away the rest of our lunch (even the chips and drink) and left.

Looking back, I'm surprised I acting as calmly as I did and even tried to eat.  I have a huge phobia of bugs, and roaches are my least favorite.

Not only are we both horribly disgusted by this, but we're angry that nothing was done to compensate for our experience.  No money was offered back, no coupons, nothing.  We could have made a huge deal of it, and the store would have lost a lot of business because the line was out the door, but we didn't.  

We are now letting everyone in our building know about the disgusting experience we had.  We would have refrained from this had the manager acted with a bit more decency.  I also think that if he knew spraying would make the bugs come out, he shouldn't have opened for business today.

Needless to say, neither my co-workers or I will be frequenting this Subway in the future.

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