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Rogers Wireless sucks

Yes, that title is profound, but it really sums things up.

I became a Rogers customer almost 3 years ago. When I started my contract, I had it on an old crappy phone that broke about a week into my service, so I had to go back and buy a phone. They put it on a new account, and told me my old account was cancelled. THEN, every month, when I made my payment, they applied the payment to my first account, marked my new account as delinquent, reported me to the credit agency and cut off my phone. Every month. For almost a year.

Every time this happened, I would call, and explain what was going on and why, and they would tell me this was the first they had ever heard of this on my account, we would talk for an hour, they would harass me and say I was always late on payments and I would cry.  Your phone company should NEVER MAKE YOU CRY. That should be their slogan, seriously.

I moved to England this last winter and had  it put on a really low monthly plan, and because of all the crap I had been through with them sorting it out (I wrote a scathing letter and was given a bunch of credit because of their terrible customer service). The lady who put me on the special rate was great, and actually knew what she was talking about and was pleasant. Amazing.

When I came back from England, I lost my special rate, but that was fine. I went on a 200 minute, unlimited evenings and weekends, unlimited texting plan for $20. Nice deal!

SO, why have my last bills been $150, $175 and $250!!???? Holy crap. Obviously, I use more than 200 minutes in the weekdays, so I need to change my plan. When I try to do that online, they try to charge me $274 and force me to extend my plan another 3 years. Are you kidding me??!!

I decided their website sucked, and that I would call. Before calling, I also checked out phone upgrades. I figured I would have to sign up for 3 years anyway (why is that a rule? that is crap), so I might as well replace my piece of garbage phone that a dog chewed up the day I got it almost 3 years ago. Great, they have one for $9.99 as an upgrade. Not a new phone, an upgrade. Sweet!

I call their *611, and get some totally annoying phone tree thing, where you have to pretend to talk to some animated guy. That makes me mad. I just keep yelling "I'd like to speak to a customer service representative" when I get those. I hate them so much.

Chad comes  on the line. Chad is an idiot. I tell him the problem with my astronomical bill and he tells me I am on the wrong plan. Duh! He then asks me what plan I want to go on. Luckily I had checked out the website and knew what was available, because when I asked him, he had no idea. OH, and first, when he verified where I live (Kelowna, BC) he asked me what the nearest city was. WHAT?? this is the 3rd largest city in BC outside of Vancouver and Victoria. What the hell?? Nearest city? And he was adamant no such city existed. Where are you working, buddy?

So after being on the phone for 72 minutes - seriously, what the hell!!?? I finally get a 600 daytime minutes starting at 6pm, free evenings and weekends, unlimited texting, and my "package" which includes voicemail, free call display (that was a perk I had before for their crappy service 2 years ago), etc. I tell him I want some sort of incentive to stay with Rogers, since I have been a customer for so long and now will be until 2010. He gives me a $10 a month discount. Ok, fine. I ask him to backdate my rate, since my bill is obviously out of control. He tells me since it is such a minor amount of revenue from me, they won't. Whatever.

I then ask him to update my phone, since I am signing up for another 3 years and I am close to the date of update anyway. He tells me that it is going to cost me $174. WHAT?? I pointed out that there were phones for $9.99 on the website and he basically calls me a liar. Nice. I also pointed out that their hold system just screams static in customers ears, and he calls me a liar again.

So, this is minor bad service as this community goes, but I am frustrated and annoyed with Rogers. What makes this more frustrating, is that NONE OF MY FEATURES WERE WORKING. No call display, no voicemail. Idiot cut them off after verifying they existed.

I had to call back and spend another 45 minutes sorting it out. However, this guy was actually IN Kelowna, and knew what he was talking about. He put me back on the 200 minute plan, only starting at 6, gave me a great bundle to include everything I need and gave it to me for free for a month, and gave me a "my 5" plan for  $10 a month so that those 5 people I call (ok, I am lame and had to stretch to figure out a 5th number) i get unlimited to. So... $30 a month compared to the $110 the guy that morning had signed me up for. AND, he told me he would call ME on July 19th and we would make sure that I was still on the right plan.

Was that so hard?
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