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Linking to my other two posts, just in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

Mom's fine. She wasn't supposed to go back to work until yesterday, but she went back on Friday. I think she's an idiot for doing that when she was still pretty shaky, but that's my mom for you.

The chicken WAS bad. The hospital told my mom that there's now enough legal proof to file a complaint against Shari's and that the two of us might be called to give statements. Mom gave them the house number and our cell phone numbers. Haven't heard anything since. I don't know if anything really WILL be done, but I hope so. I've told everyone I know to steer clear of that Shari's, and the few times I've had to drive by it looks like they've lost roughly half of the customers that they'd usually have. I hope they fire the manager and the cook responsible for this mess and get someone with some intelligence to work there. Or just shut the place down. Either one. I don't care, as long as the waitstaff and the other workers who probably had nothing to do with this mess don't get shafted too badly either.

Quick little suck from my favorite grocery store.

I shop at WinCo (grocery store) with my mom. It's a chain store that isn't a chain store. It's employee run (as in the employees are shareholders and stuff, at least that's what I THINK it is). The prices are lower than WalMart, Albertsons, and Fred Meyer - which are your ONLY choices for grocery stores around here otherwise. They don't always have the brand we want, but we're not usually picky about that.

We went shopping last night at 2 AM. It's a 24 hour grocery store, though they do tend to do their stocking after midnight. Me being the livelier of the two of us, I was dodging pallets and piles of boxes grabbing things off of the shelves when my mom couldn't get the shopping cart down the aisles. There were several other people in the store doing the same thing, since there are a lot of jobs who let out that late. This one stocker was busy stocking canned tomatoes, and I needed a couple of some specific brand of seasoned diced tomatoes for something my mom's going to teach me how to make. I asked VERY POLITELY if I could get the cans or if he could please hand me two of them. He glared at me, told me I could wait until he was done, and then sat there and did NOTHING while I was standing there.

I stood there for maybe 5 seconds before heading off. Mom and I finished the rest of our shopping and came back, about 45 minutes later. This guy was STILL sitting on the floor in front of where I needed to go. He glared at me and told me I was going to have to wait for him. I asked him, again VERY POLITELY, if he knew how long it would take him to be done. He gave me the dirtiest look and said that he wasn't going to move until my mom and I left the store.

We talked to one of the cashiers, and she said that he tended to do that to ANYONE who looked different from "normal" people. With my multiple piercings and my penchant for velvet and corsets (I like Gothic clothes and my mom's cool about it), I guess I do count as looking different. She then took the time to go back and get the cans for us, but we could actually hear her telling him fairly loudly to "move his ass" so she could get the tomatoes. She brought them up and we got them. She then suggested we come in during the day if possible since he only worked nights as a stocker. Or we could hope we came in on one of his nights off, because he'd be sure to do that again.

Why the fuck do they put up with this shit? I mean, seriously! If he's mentally handicapped, I can understand his problems. But put him in a spot where he's not likely to come into contact with customers then. He can work freight without ever coming out of the back room.

(Mom works as a cashier for another grocery store that I did mention by name, but can't in regards to which one she works for because they're fucking paranoid about shit like that. She's the one who told me it's quite possible to work for a grocery store and never really come in contact with customers.)

ETA; I put this behind a couple cuts because I didn't realize just how fucking long it got.

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