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So about a year ago we went to this Sears in my city for a lawnmower. It's the closest one to our house, anywhere else you have to fight bad traffic. It took about an hour to do even though we knew exactly which one we wanted, because we waited around for someone to help us and when finally someone came to the department they didn't really know what they were doing.

But we didn't learn, I guess, because we've gone back two times since then, each with similar results.

We went about a month and a half ago to look at garage door systems because ours crapped out. We knew which one we wanted, it was on sale, we were happy and didn't really need to look around so we just went and stood at the counter. The counter was empty, so we figured the worker was just helping someone else. After about 5 minutes and no appearance, I stayed at the counter and my husband did a quick walk around the department and didn't see a worker at all. So he went to another department and asked for someone to page for help in the area.

We were assured someone would be right out. We waited at the counter for about 20 minutes. He went and asked them to page again, they paged and said someone should be right out. By now there's about 6 people in line behind me waiting for someone, anyone, to help.

Finally some woman hurries out of the back and barks at us that she's helping someone else and will be back soon. Then we see her chatting with someone in electronics. And then standing there. By now we've waited about 40 minutes, so we decide, oh hai fuck Sears, and start to walk out. As we walk past her she snottily informs us that if we needed someone to ring us out we could have gone to another department and gone through the cashier there. (And that is right, we could have, but we wanted to ask about getting someone to come out and install the new system, because our old one is crap and sprayed battery fluid on the last guy who fixed it, which another department would not be able to do). We tell her that then walk out, and she's still just.. standing there.. not helping anyone, and ignoring the line of angry people in her department.

So I came home and wrote an email to corporate, which I wouldn't have done if it were just busy because I can understand a wait time because people are busy, but her attitude was just the final straw.

We got a call back from the store manager apologizing. They didn't offer anything or to even help us if we came back to the store, but that's okay because we took care of it elsewhere.

But now, my 3 year old son needs a new car seat, and the model we really want is carried by Sears. Not wanting to go back to this store, we took the drive and went downtown, but it closed at 6:00 and we got there at 5:50 (didn't realize it had different hours then other Sears, my fault there!) so we turned back around and went back to this Sears. We headed to the baby section and found the car seat we wanted, they had both a floor model of the seat we wanted and one in a box above it, the box was a little damaged but it was there. We walked around departments trying to find someone to help us, we've bought carseats before, usually you tell an employee which model # you want and they bring it from the back, but every single one of the adjacent departments had absolutely no one working there, not at the tills, not on the floor, not anywhere. We took the box up to the cashier at the very front, other side of the store, and asked if they had another one of these models because the box was damaged and the installation manual was missing.

She told us "oh I don't actually know what I'm doing, I'm just relieving someone on break, can you wait til they come back?" and so we said okay and browsed around, 20 minutes later we go and she's still there. So we ask, well we really can't wait for a super long time, can you please call someone else. She calls her manager, and no answer, calls a few other workers and can't get a hold of anyone, so she tells us to wander a bit more and she'll keep trying.

We come back 15 minutes later and she's finally just gotten a hold of her manager, and she says "It's a good thing you asked about this carseat, it was a defective return so we can't sell it to you." So we ask about the one on display, and she can't sell floor models. But she nor her manager offer to look to see if they have any IN THE BACK (the dreaded words, but we've gotten stuff 'in the back' for bigger items from this store before, because they're big items such as carseats, strollers, etc, they usually put one floor model up and the rest are not stored on the floor) or to see if any other Sears has this model so we don't have to run around searching (it's a hard to find model).

It's a pain in the ass. Every time we've ever gone there it's like pulling teeth to even find someone who will help you, and once you do - they're no help. I mean, it took us in total about 45 minutes at this one to walk out empty handed and without anyone even offering to really help us, wondering what would have happened if we didn't ask about the missing manual and had been just rung through with a defective car seat which wasn't supposed to be out on the floor anyway, and no other Sears as I find out now, has this model at all even on the sales floor display. Only crappy Sears, and I can't even find out from them if they have any more of the model, because I still can't find anyone to freaking help me.

So if you live in Calgary, and you need an item which actually needs more then just grabbing and being rung out, do not go to the Marlborough Sears.

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