Rick (arkaycee) wrote in bad_service,

Ongoing bad_service rant (bottle return machines)

I mentioned this a bit in a reply to a previous thing, but it deserves its own rant.

Near me (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA), Kroger's is atrocious at this, Busch's is almost never a problem but it happens...

Go into the store with a bunch of bottles/cans and the return machines are all beeping "BIN FULL."

Go do some shopping for 10-45 minutes, depending. The whole time you're in that part of the store be annoyed by the beeping, while watching the occasional employee go past but not do anything about it. Asking one to do something elicits an "I'll find someone who can," but apparently nothing happens.

Go BACK over to the bottle return machines which are far away from the cashiers.

They are all still full. Nothing has been done.

Go up to Customer Service and be asked to wait while they "find someone to empty the machines."

Rant about how you already asked two people to fix it and both said it would be taken care of and it wasn't.

Have a random bagger called over and act annoyed as s/he counts your bottles up.

Probably reason #1 why I only go to Kroger's at Plymouth and Huron Parkway when I can't find something anywhere else. That's my experience 80% of the time there. I'd think the employees that have to work back in that area, if nothing else, would get bothered enough by the beeping to go fix it occasionally.

On the joyous side, it happens at the local Busch's up thataway too, but only once in a blue moon (which was my previous bad_service suck about them). If the machines are full when I get in and I have empties, either the first person I ask fixes it him/herself, or really DOES get someone who can, or it otherwise gets taken care of in the next few minutes if I don't encounter anyone to fix it.
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