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Glad to see this one gone...

I was glad to find that a certain someone was no longer managing the place I get my hair cut.

Place opens at 9am, and is right along my way to work. I could leave for work at 8:50, be there around 8:55 (so I can be first in -- they don't take reservations and the wait can be very long at lunch or after hours). I figure on getting my hair cut at 9, and in to work by 9:30 or so, all very efficient.

Well, first time I try that, no sign of life at 8:55. No sign of life at 9. I run into the grocery store next door to grab a few non-perishables, go back out at 9:20. Still nuttin.' Finally about 9:25 she opens the door.

Turns out she had some sort of problem with getting her kid to school. I figure this must be a rare and major event, and let it go -- everyone can have a hard time getting to work on time once in a whiel.

Next month I come back, and...  pretty much the same deal. I think the doors opened at 9:20. I mentioned this to her, and she said, martyred, "well, I have to drive in all the way from Jackson, and that's an hour's drive." Turns out she just thought people would not mind that she's regularly late, and apparently it never occurred to her that if she's consistently 20-25 minutes late, to set her alarm 1/2 hour earlier. Now THAT takes some nerve.

But she's not there any more ... I wonder why?

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