Ali (so_says_ali) wrote in bad_service,

I friggin' hate telemarketers.

Today has been a bad_service nightmare. I'm not sure if this even counts as service, as I do not (and never will) do business with these companies.

I'm the office administrator for a very small company in New Hampshire. We get a lot of telemarketing calls and when I explain that it's a small business and we don't need whatever it is that we're selling, most thank me for my time anyhow and we exchange "have a nice day"ses.

The first call of the day was from Home Depot Gift Cards. Yeah, that was the name of the business-- I have yet to verify if HD has a separate gift card division, but I'm willing to bet they don't.

HD: "Hi, may I speak to (terrible mispronunciation of general manager's very common name)?
Me: "I'm sorry, Mr. (correct last name) is not available at the moment. Is there someone else who can assist you?" (frequently we get calls asking for the wrong person anyway-- I'm usually able to put people directly in touch with who they need just by asking a few questions.)
HD: "No. May I speak to (mispronounced GM's name again)"
Me: "I'm sorry, he isn't in. May I ask what this is in regards to?"
HD: (Sales speil)
Me: OK, typically we have potential vendors make their introductions by US Mail--
HD: NO I WANT TO TALK TO MR (incorrect name).
Me: I'm sorry, Mr. (correct name) would not be interested.
Me: (repeats)
HD: (yelling)
Me: May I speak to your manager, please?
HD: No, let me talk to YOUR manager.

This goes on for a few more moments. By this point I have set the phone on my desk adn I can still hear him yelling. I finally pick up and say, "If you're done now, I'll ask you to kindly take us off your list. Have a nice day."

No less than five minutes later, a major computer parts company calls me. I used to work in sales for their competitor, so I've heard some of the customer service atrocities that take place over at this company that won't stop calling. I have spoken to this guy several times before and told him that the opportunity to sell to us is VERY limited as we don't use regular computers- all of our stuff is custom-built and runs software that we wouldn't be able to buy from this guy, so he'd be wasting all of our time. Also, being such a small business, we don't really have (or need) IT staff.

Dude: I want to speak to your IT department.
Me: May I ask who is calling?
Dude: (names company)
Me: Is this in regards to existing business? (we order our own items-- if I know what the item is, I can redirect people to the correct place.)
Dude: No.
Me: OK, last time you called I think we asked you to stop calling us.
Dude: I want your IT department.
Me: Sir, we don't HAVE an IT department.
Dude: Do you know who I am?! (Terrible F-.)
Me: I know you're a rep with (xxx company).
Dude: How?
Me: (goes into previous career experience)
Dude: I want your IT department.
Me: Listen, we do our own ordering, we buy stuff from best buy. There's no opportunity for you here, please stop calling us.
Dude: How should I trust you, you bitch?
Me: I need your manager.

I can't believe I've had to say this twice in one day-- never mind gotten the same response twice in a day:
dude: Let me talk to YOUR manager.
Me: Sir, stop calling us. This is your last warning.

I dunno, probably not atrocious suck, but it was enough to fuck up my day (these calls both happened before 9:30 this morning).

I also had my car die on me and there was some mild suck there, but it's already been addressed (free loaner & coupons for future services, yay!) so I can't complain there.
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