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follow up to the post I made yesterday (the original post)

I called Cingular's corporate office today. I was very polite and it paid off. The woman I spoke to was incredibly helpful and friendly.. completely UNlike the reps I speak to when I call Cingular's normal customer support number. She informed me that what the saleswoman did was completely against company policy. they don't support any under-the-table deals. she told me that I can return the shitty phone & get my money back. I also received a $20 credit on my next bill, AND she is shipping me (overnight, no less!) a brand new Motorola razr. it should be here tomorrow. YAY!! she technically is selling it to me for $30, but..

- I've got a $20 credit
- I get a full refund on the craptastic phone I got yesterday
- I get to still cash in my $50 mail in rebate from the stolen razr

so really, it's going to end up being free.

thank you everyone for your feedback

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