Kathleen of Aragorn (finarfiniel) wrote in bad_service,
Kathleen of Aragorn

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I need a refill of THAT, please.

This isn't really bad service... more like embarrassing service. It bugs the hell out of me when the pharmacist at my local drug store makes a big deal out of keeping prescriptions "confidential". I tell him I have a prescription on file that needs refilling. He looks up my name on the computer, sees what I need, and makes a big show of saying, "Oh, THAT. Yes, THAT is a special order. We don't keep THAT in stock, not many doctors prescribe THAT."

And then all the people in line behind me are casually trying to peek over my shoulder to find out what THAT is, sure that it's STD medication or birth control pills or something, because what else would a young woman need? Sorry, line people... I'm only getting painkillers that not many people use. But thanks, pharmacist, for constantly stressing the word THAT and drawing attention to my totally super OMG!!!embarrassing prescription.
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