azetburcaptain (azetburcaptain) wrote in bad_service,

Hilton in Montreal - annoying service

Setting: Montreal, a city in the Quebec province of Canada. The city itself is beautiful.

A group of us was staying at the Hilton hotel in Montreal. Each of us is carrying two bags. Bad_service is us being offered ABSOLUTELY NO HELP from the minute we came in the door. We were shortly greeted and told to go to the top floor for check in.

The area was empty and there were three bellboys besides the doorman.

You charge $400/night and you can't offer help?

Sorry, that's bad_service. I don't care that you have flat screens in your rooms. Besides, the water is $7.50.

Never again. Even if I am ever rich enough to be able to afford to stay in your hotels for weeks and weeks.

I'll go to the Hyatt, KTHX.
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