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cingular = evil.

I am SO pissed off. beyond! way beyond.

let's start from the beginning..

last month I bought a motorola razr when I renewed my contract. it was supposed to be a 'free upgrade' but it wasn't. that's actually besides the point though. I get the phone.. love it.. hadn't even mailed in the $50 rebate yet. with my amazing luck, on June 10th, I am in NYC and my phone gets stolen. no I did not have any insurance on it. I understand that this is not the fault of anyone at Cingular, but at the same time I am INSANELY broke and cannot afford a new phone right now, even the cheapest ones. I call Cingular -- crying my eyes out -- and the very polite woman on the line advises me that since I hadn't had the razr for 30 days yet, when I get back home, I can come into the local Cingular store I bought the phone from and get my old motorola v180 back for free. she assured me of this, several times.

fast forward a week.. I'm back in Florida, and I go to the same Cingular store I purchased the razr from. and again, whaddaya-know, the rep told me I couldn't get my old phone back because I 'donated it' and it had already been shipped off. she told me she understood my situation though, & that if I come back on whatever day, she will sell me (& this is the important part) a used Motorola basic flip phone. It is used, that's fine, but she states that it is in EXCELLENT condition. [and I quote: "oh there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the phone.. it's perfect!"] she told me that infact, to prove just how full of win & teh aWeSoMez it was, the Moto she was going to sell me for $30 was an even newer model from the old v180 I had. ON TOP of this -- she states that I do NOT have to purchase a new charger, as the Moto will work with my razr charger. she promises me that she will bring the phone in on Wednesday and hold it for me for as long as I want until I get the money for it.

great! sounds good...

fast forward to today. my mother is on the account as well, so she picks the phone up for me while I am babysitting my god daughter... (besides that, I couldn't even afford it, so she had to pay for it.)

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING the woman told me was complete bullshit!

the shit I got:
- a 4+ year old SAMSUNG
- the phone - NO LIE - looks like it has been run over by a semi, and then chewed on for a month straight. it has sticky stuff all over it, it's dirty, it's a piece of shit.
- she charged my mother $20, and then told my mom that she had to buy a new charger for $10.

so what happened to the Motorola no-charger-needed deal she promised me?

I'm sorry, but in my eyes that is horrible business. not only did she lie to me about the condition AND the whole model of the phone, but she charged us for a charger when she initially said she wouldn't, AND it was all done "under the table". my mother assumed that I knew this, but the woman said NOTHING to me that would indicate some sort of personal under the table deal.

I called the store and she wasn't there. another employee told me he could do nothing, and that I'd have to take it up with her.

I called Cingular a few moments ago, and the rep gave me dead air repeatedly. he couldn't help me, and then goes "so you didn't even turn it on to see if it works did ya?" just like that. he didn't seem to even sound sympathetic or understanding of my troubles, or the fact that I was lied to.

thanks a bunch, Cingular!, for making something as simple as getting a cell phone SO much harder than it has to be. I appreciate your bullshit & lies. now I am stuck with this piece of shit phone until I can save up for a new one.
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