VjeraNadaLjubav (vjeranadaljubav) wrote in bad_service,

My first tale of bad service

Hello, I just finally got around to joining... My tale of bad service starts this Friday. I was at a convention in Baltimore at a Best Western, and me and my three friends decided to go eat at the hotel restaurant. We came in, sat down, and it took them 10 minutes to bring us water. The waitress said she would be right back. And we waited. And waited. We were being slightly bad customers by dueling with our spoons and trying to stick them to our noses after twenty minutes of attempting to get the waitress to come. Forty minutes later, our order was still not taken, although the people next to us got their meal a while before us, and since we needed to go to a video showing we left... I realize it wasn't exactly the waitress's fault, since she was one of the two staff there all together, but what the hell was the hotel thinking when they have two conventions at the same time on a Friday with about 300 people in the hotel and only have one cook and two waitresses?
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