Jim (jumbach) wrote in bad_service,

Upon further review, it appears as though I was wrong. Although I am a bit miffed at not being told there'd be extra fees, in the end I got what I wanted: three seats together in general seating. I'll just remember for next year to buy the tickets directly from the rodeo, and not to use any ticketing services in the future. (And on my online credit union statement, it's already showing "PROV CREDIT +$13.25," so that's all taken care of. My credit union is awesome most of the time; I'll never gripe about them here.)

So, I apologize and hereby retract my last post. I'll leave it up, but y'all were right: it was a simple matter of miscommunication. The end result is that we all had a good time, so why let a few dollars that I now have back spoil it?
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