Kris (walkin_behind) wrote in bad_service,

I witnessed the stupidest thing today. I had somewhere to be, but I was too early, so I took a walk and went into this video store to look around. I didn't get acknowledged by the employee who stood there looking bored. I saw a movie I wanted to rent that I've never seen anyplace else, so I took it to the counter to rent it. I told the employee I'd like to open a membership. And she says?

"Sorry, we're not opening new memberships."

I was kind of stunned. What video store doesn't want new business? She then looked at me and the movie, as if to say "You can put that back." I did. Then I left, and by that time, she was gabbing to her friends on the phone.

Tonight I called the store to find out why they weren't opening new memberships and they said they were changing management. *Scratches head* I work in a video store, we've changed management...didn't stop us from opening new memberships. I don't understand what that has to do with anything. I think it's a sucky way to run a business.
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