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Man I have the worst luck with pharmacies.

Three months ago I got my 1-year prescription for birth control filled in another town at the Canadian Superstore, because I was traveling. I've had prescriptions at other Superstores, so all my information was in the system. The pharmacist was quick, friendly and I was out of there in no time.

Flash forward to last night: I can only fill 3 months at a time under my health plan so I went to my hometown Superstore to get a refill. The pharmacist was complaining to another customer about how busy she was and how she had no assistant and all prescriptions were going to be at least an hour wait. She took my refill info down on a piece of paper instead of punching my name into the computer right away, and told me to come back in an hour.

I had lots to do, so I kept busy and returned an hour and a quarter later. She didn't recognize me, but when I gave her my name she somehow immediately knew what my situation was.

Pharmacist: "You haven't had that prescription in two years."

Me: "I get it every three months and have for the past decade."

P: "Well our system says you haven't had it in two years so I can't give it to you"

M: "I had it filled at another Superstore 3 months ago, and I know your systems are connected to each other because that pharmacist found all my information in the computer and filled it right away."

P: "Sorry, there's nothing I can do and it's too late now. Our systems aren't connected."

M: "Yes they are! I confirmed that at the other store when I filled this prescription."

P: "No, they're NOT connected, and there's NOTHING I can do. I WON'T fill your prescription. And it's too late anyway."

M: "Why is it too late? Can't you call the other Superstore?"

P: "ALL THE PHARMACIES ARE CLOSED, it's 9:30 at night"

M: "Uh, excuse me, you're open, how can you tell me that every pharmacy everywhere is closed? Also, the other Superstore is much larger than this one and I bet you could call and at least find out if they're still open."

P: "I can't call, I'm too busy."

M: "I have to start the pills TONIGHT. Please call."

P: "No, I'm too busy to call right now! I won't call them. There's no point, they won't be open and I'm an hour behind on everything and we're only open for another half hour."

M: "It takes five seconds to put three cycles of Marvelon in a bag. You know what, never mind. I've had bad service here too many times. I'll switch pharmacies and start taking my pills late."

A few months ago I witnessed her do the same thing to my boyfriend, who was trying to get a refill for asthma medication that he had originally filled at that same store. His two refills were just deleted from the system for some reason and she refused to call the doctor's office for permission to refill it because she was "too busy." 

Gee, if I needed these pills to SURVIVE, would you still be so busy?

I will ask my pharmacist friend if there's a regulatory body I can report her to. If she's done that to both of us, guaranteed it's happened to others too.

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