Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

horrible service at bk

After I got off a 9-hour shift at work, I went to Burger King by my job to pick up my boyfriend and I dinner. I ordered from this chick I've ordered from before. By the way she acts, its very obvious that she doesn't care about her job.

Anyway, I ordered a whopper with only cheese and ketchup, a whopper jr. with cheese, 2 orders of chicken tenders and a small fries.

Right after I order, she takes orders from people who are obviously her friends.

Then the wait begins. The girl who ordered before me and I stand there as she essentially socializes with her friends. In the time it takes her to get her friends orders and money, the other person on a register has taken orders from and served 3 people.

Finally, when my server has pulled herself away from her convo, the girl who ordered before me points out that her bag of food has been sitting on the fry station this whole time. She was very obviously annoyed. The server adds the fries and * slowly * gets the girl a carrier for her soda before going back to take other orders. Meanwhile, she is joking with her friends who are waiting for their food.

Here's what pissed me off. If it weren't for this, it woulld have been ok ... I can tell you it was exactly 20 minutes between the time I ordered and the time I left and I could have handled the wait time if it weren't for what occurred.

After a few more minutes of waiting and watching people from the other line get their food, I asked the server to check on my food and her response was to mumble "I only have two hands."

THEN(!!!), she kept harrassing the guy making the food about getting her friends food out. She literally asked the guy 4 times where her friends whopper jr. with no mayo was. I should have left right then. * Should * have.

Her friends get their food and one of them says he should get a free soda for waiting for so long. She gives it to him.

(Sometimes I wish I wasn't the freaking nicest person in the world because I could have been such a bitch right then. But, I'm a sucker so I just breathed in and proceeded to wait.)

Finally, I hear her trying to find out about my order. It had to have either been given away or something because it wasn't put together. About 3 more people got their food after that and I couldn't take it anymore. I told her I wanted a refund. The only good thing that happened was I didn't get shit about it. I got my refund immediatley and left.

I think that 1) I am an idiot for waiting so long to get a refund and 2) the reason I did wait was because I go there once a week or every other week to get my boyfriend food and she's always the person on at night. But now I've decided to complain to corporate or something because that was just some real B.S. Too bad she wasn't wearing a name tag, but I'm still complaining even if I don't know her name.
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