Vivi In Ogni Momento! (roodabager) wrote in bad_service,
Vivi In Ogni Momento!

PT with PMS

"I've been up since F'n 5am working and I couldn't go out partying with my friends last night because of it"

Those are the very first words my new PT (Personal Trainer) said to me before outstretching her hand and introducing herself as 'Jess'

While taking me through the initial fitness testing on that first session she called me a Bitch. Why? Because my skin is more tanned than hers.

The rest of that first session involved her swearing a lot, while I grunted and groaned and sweated and pushed my body to the limit.

The swearing made me cringe everytime. I am not a fan of vile language, especially when that person is supposed to be acting professional and especially when I am paying that person for their time.

Every session since has been worse and worse. She constantly swears and talks about herself and her partner, swinging as much praise her way as she possibly could. After one session she even said to me "I can't do 11am anymore, work out another time" And sped off in her car before I could open my mouth.

As a PT myself, I hired her, so that I could check out her technique and maybe pick up a few tips. The only thing I picked up from her is, What NOT to do and how NOT to treat your clients.

I had 3 sessions before I couldn't put up with paying for her crap anymore.
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