olemissgal (olemissgal) wrote in bad_service,

WTF? Can anyone help?

My phone number is registered as part of the National Do Not Call Registry. I work primarily from home, so a) I don't like to be interrupted during the day, and b) although my number is a personal line, I use it for business during normal business hours.

I have a company, LPM Mortgage Solutions, or something to that effect ,that auto dials my number about every other day. I know it's them because it always pops up as the same phone number each time: (913) 529-2932. It's an automated voice telling me I have been pre-approved to refinance my mortgage. I live in an apartment. Anyway, it tells you to press 1 for a quote or 2 to be placed on their do not call list. Every time they call I press 2 and another automated voice tells me they will respect my wishes and remove my number. 

Today they called yet again. This time I pressed 1 for a quote to speak to a human about how long it would take to have my number removed. He hung up on me before I could get the words completely out of my mouth. Irritated, I called the number above back and it claims to be the National Do Not Call number. WTF? I didn't put my phone number in, because it seems shady as hell. The last thing I need is MORE calls interrupting my day.

Is it just me, or is something REALLY fishy going on here? Why would the National Do Not Call Registry be a long distance (913) number? And why would a telemarketing agencies phone number be displayed as that?

Any ideas/suggestions?

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