A girl who wears glasses (atomic_girl) wrote in bad_service,
A girl who wears glasses

Backyard rudeness

My husband and I live in a growing subdivision where new houses are being built all the time. As hardcore do-it-yourselfers, we find ourselves both amused and disgusted by the yahoos who install driveways, sod, and so forth.

Today, our next door neighbours are getting sod in their backyard. Now, last year, we began seeding our backyard ourselves, and while it's not exactly golf-course lush, there is a reasonable amount of grass coming up nicely, and we're doing our best to keep the weeds at bay. Anyway, my husband had words with one of the sod guys when he drove a Bobcat over onto our property. The worker's respsonse?

"We can patch that up. Your lawn looks like shit anyway!"

Fortunately, the idiot's supervisor overheard this (the idiot claimed he had our permission to enter our property...sure) and sent him home.

I'm guessing that this is some fly-by-night operation, as they couldn't provide us with a business card and had no identification on their truck or clothing. Unfortunately, it seems like careless workers are the norm rather than the exception around here.

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