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Mom's fine, if a bit bitchy about the fact that the doctors told her that she's not allowed to go back to work for a couple days. I mean, she can't see straight, can't stand up without getting really fucking dizzy, and she STILL wants to go back to work. I've told her that I'm going to hide her car keys if she even tries it. I work two jobs, and we've both got some savings put aside. It's not like two days is going to fucking KILL us for bills and shit.

The hospital has agreed to send us the report on the chicken once they get the test results back. They're not sure if it's THAT chicken or something else my mom might have eaten that made her sick. Problem with that is mom and I don't eat out all that often, and we don't eat anything (usually) that we aren't sure of. If it's NOT the chicken from Shari's, I don't want to be around when THAT catches up with mom. Bleh.

And now for some MORE bad service, this time from one of my two jobs.

I work at one of the Subways. I swung into there today while I was running errands because I'm hungry and I want lunch. Plus I get an employee discount so I can order what I want and I generally get around $1-$2 knocked off the price. Not a lot, but any discount is better than none.

K, the fucking bitch out of my customers_suck posts, was working the line today. I groaned because she always gives me shit and I KNOW I'm going to catch hell from her because this was one of her days off. My boss called her in because, obviously, I'm off work to help with my mom.

K ignores me when I walk up to the counter. She goes on cleaning shit and fucking around with the containers. I finally say, "Hey K, I'd like a sandwich, please."

K gives me a dirty look and finally comes over. "What do you want?"

I order, and she fixes the food. She throws shit around, puts the wrong stuff on my sandwich, and ignores me when I tell her no pepper and puts on salt and pepper. I'm not allergic to it, but I HATE the taste of black pepper. I let her know that she didn't make what I asked for and then I asked if our boss was there. She started flipping out, SCREAMING at me about how she did it right, I didn't tell her I didn't want pepper and that I did want spinach, calling me a liar, telling me I fucked up her life by making her come into work my shift for me today, and all that shit. It pissed me off.

P, our boss, came out from the back and K went off on her. P made her go back and slice tomatoes while fixing me what I originally wanted. When I paid for it, she told me that I really should have made it clear to K what I wanted. When I said that I had, P just looked at me like I was a fucking IDIOT and said that K wouldn't have blown a bitch fit if I had just been clearer.

I'm sorry, but how much fucking clearer can "6" veggie, whole wheat bread, ranch sauce, all vegetables except onions, NO BLACK PEPPER and no oil" can you get?

Fucking bitches. When I work, K gives me shit but P's mostly ok. But damn, I wish J (assistant manager) had been there. He'd have called someone else into work and kicked K's skanky ass out of there faster than she could blink.
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