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I hate GMAC!!!

We are financing our vehicle through GMAC. Last month, our payment was taken out twice. You see, they thought we were under automatic payment, when we didn't sign up for it, so a double payment was made (one was taken out automatically, and one was made by us). So they refund us, and said that they took us off the automatic payment.

All is good, then I check my account balance just now and notice it's almost $300 less than it should be! Lo and behold, they took out the automatic payment even though we sent the payment ourselves as well. What really irked me out last time was that they said that a refund would take 2-3 weeks, even though they took it out so quickly via our checking account (but after going through lots of people, it only took about a week).

Tomorrow I will call and deal with them once again. They can check back in their recorded calls and see where I was told TWICE that I was taken off the automatic payment. And I better that get money back in my checking account quick too =/

If I wanted to make a double payment, I would have sent a check for 600. >:/

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