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Came here from customers_suck

Ok. Mom and I went to Shari's down on Chinden for dinner last night. It was really fucking late because I'd just gotten off of work and mom and I were hungry. But it wasn't so late that there weren't a lot of people in the restaurant.

We go in, get seated, and we promptly get forgotten. 20 minutes after we sit down, there's no waitress, no drinks, no NOTHING. Mom's pretty copacetic about the whole situation, but I'm not. I get up and go bitch at the host - no I wasn't polite at first, but I immediately apologized for my rudeness and tried again much nicer. The host apologizes and tells me the waitress went home for the night and didn't bother telling anyone that there were people in her section. He comes and takes our drink orders, and offers to comp us one of our two meals. Mom and I say yes (since this IS one of our favorite places to eat).

I order a Cobb Salad, and mom orders some weird chicken dish. The food gets there and I think something's wrong with it. I can smell mom's chicken and it smells really funky. As in rotten. Mom says I'm full of shit and eats it. After a bit she even commented that it tasted kind of funky, but the waitress swears it's just because of the marinade.

We get home around midnight. I go to bed. Mom sits up to watch some stupid old movie on tv. I get woken up at 4 AM so I can take mom to work because she "has a headache". I check up on her half an hour later (after I've woken up a bit more) and she's puking her guts out all over the fucking bathroom. She's mostly managed to hit the toilet, but she's a real mess. Finally, she quits puking long enough to take a shower and go into work.

I get called an hour after I take her to work to come back and get her. I end up having to take her to the hospital because - and this just fucking pissed me off when she told me - she'd been puking since 3:30 AM. I mean, she couldn't fucking TELL ME she was dying of food poisoning? And why the fuck was she still going into work when she works for a fucking STORE? ( mom's totally awesome, but she's a fucking moron sometimes.)

I take her to the hospital and guess what? She's not the first person they've had in there due to tainted chicken from at least three different area restaurants. I called the restaurant and told them about it. The manager I spoke to was really defensive and said that I couldn't be sure that mom had gotten the tainted chicken from HIS restaurant.

Bull fucking shit. I know EXACTLY where mom ate yesterday because I'm the one who wanted to go out. I'm the one who paid for dinner too. Your staff told us it was the marinade for the chicken that made it smell funky.

I threw out most of the food left over from last night. Then I remembered I needed to take a sample to the hospital if I wanted it tested. So I dug mom's box out of the garbage, pulled the chicken out and stuck it in a plastic bag. I'll drop it off when I go check on mom in a couple hours.


*goes to visit her mom*
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