Alex (darkbunny) wrote in bad_service,

Cab company suck.

7:00 AM - I wake up, and my foot is sore. Don't really think about it until I put weight on it and find that it hurts quite a bit. Figured I slept on it wrong, and take a couple of Ibuprofen.

2:00 PM - Painkillers wear off, still a bit of a dull ache in that foot. No swelling, no bruising, just pain when I try to put my full weight on it. Decide to stay off of foot as much as possible for the rest of the day.

7:30 PM - Get up to make dinner, screaming jolt of pain when I take a step. Take two more Ibuprofen, check to make sure all of my insurance info is in order, and make plans to go to the hospital.

7:45 PM - Call the cab company. Tell them where I am (404 [Street Name], Building 12), and am told that "we'll pick you up as soon as possible.

8:15 PM - No cab. Call to check, and am told that I'm at the top of the waiting list.

9:00 PM - Still no cab. I check again, and am told that they've just gotten one dispatched, and it should be there in ten minutes.

9:20 PM - Cab enters apartment complex, drives along the opposite side of the complex, leaves.

9:21 PM - Call cab company, confirm location. Cab had been dispatched to Building 9, and would be rerouted momentarily.

9:40 PM - Further lack of cab prompts me to make one final call. The driver previously dispatched to my location had reported me as not being present at the location specified, and had clocked out for the evening. One of the two remaining drivers would be dispatched to my location as soon as possible.

9:40:01 PM - Fuck this, I can survive until tomorrow morning.
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