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The Awesome Post Office

Well, I think it's time for a nice rant.

Durring the summer, my fiance and I go visit our family. We're away from the apartment for about two months. We decide to have our mail forwarded to his mother's house while we're gone, since we'll be there half of the time.
Let the woes begin.

My fiance fills out the cards exactly the same, I sign mine, and he puts them both into the mail at the same time.
Sometime later, I got a confirmation that my mail was going to be forwarded. He never gets his.

We take a trip down to the post office. Now, if you have questions you're supose to talk to this lady behind a door/window kinda thing. She has never helped us before, so we try to avoid this by taking a ticket and waiting for one of the other two guys. Our turn comes, and we say we'd like to check up on the forwarding request - he points us to the door and says she can help us.
Well, okay, we saw that coming.. no big deal. So, we wait for her to finish speaking with another woman.

As we're standing in line, the second guy calls to us and says in the most snotty, condescending tone that he can do everything that she can do, so why are we waiting? Okay... we go over to him, and tell him what we want to do. He then tells us that he can't do that, and that we'd have to talk to her because "it was her only job". Huh?

Back to her line!
We have her look up his first. She said his mail will be forwarded from July first to Sept. first. These are not the right dates at all. So, she said she will have to cancel it and he can put in a new card right now.
Only wait! She said this was from last year. They never got the card he sent in this year. The really funny thing is, they NEVER forwarded our mail last year even though they apparently got his request. My request from last year was not in the computer.. which explains why mine never came either, kinda.

My request was in there, only they'd started it early, for some reason.

So, both our requests are in there.. we'll see if it actually means anything. They mess up once, okay.. but two years in a row? Come on. I don't think we'll be trying again next year.
I love the post office! :(

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