Magadocious Rex (wonderwench) wrote in bad_service,
Magadocious Rex

towing woes

I had my 2000 Saturn SL1 serviced because i had a breakdown in the middle of this week- i brought it in with transmission problems but what ended up being repaired was a part of the engine as the dealers computers didn't pick up any transmission issues.
On the way home I broke down. The car would not shift into the next gear. It was driving like a manual when youre not shifting and this is an automatic car. The guy at the dealership expressed concern, was very very nice, and told me to bring the car back and they'd take care of it no big deal- not upset about this, mechanics are afterall, HUMAN beings!

So i call the "saturn omfg help me i'm stuck line ", they put me in contact with a towing company, and i am covered for $999 worth of towing services if i do a credit card payment of $68. - Because i've had the car 10 years and the warantee expired. Ok sure! not so bad.

The towing place shows up 2 hrs later and tells me that they can't tow the car to the dealership becuase it is closed, and due to liability reasons, they'd have to charge me an ADDITIONAL $75 to put it in a "storage facility" overnight. of course the $75 is not covered supposedly! So I asked them, wearily because by this point, i've been up since DAWN and had to drive 20 miles out of my way to get the car back (it originally broke down near my sisters house 40 miles from home!) if I can call them tomorrow and they'll pick it up. The guy assured me that it would be no problem.

So I call off work today because well, I have a non functioning vehicle!!! and call the towing company immediately after calling my boss at around 8:30. They tell me that unless I call Saturn's "stranded in the middle of the desert" line, they'll have to charge me somewhere around $400 to tow it back to the dealership. Fine, Company policy is company policy. So I call Saturn, they call the towing company and as of 9:00, they say that someone will be at my house within 2 hours.

Now here is where the REAL FUN STARTS.

11:30 rolls around. Still no tow truck. I call the direct line to the towing company to see if theyre lost or something (my place is easy to get to but hard to find) and I am informed that they were there at 10:15 in the morning, and that I was not. Bull. First off: i've been home all day. Taking a deep breath because I know from my years of customer service that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar I ask her if they called me when they didn't SEE me.
I was nastily informed that I was called 3 TIMES and they left me 2 messages. Bull. I've been job searching and checking my messages every 45 min to see if people have called me for interviews. no message was left by the towing company, nor did I have ANY missed calls. I then asked them to verify my phone number. They had both my cell AND home phone correct.

I then asked them as nicely as I could because i'm about to loose patience by this point if they could resend the truck out. "oh no, you have to call roadside assistance YET AGAIN"
So i call roadside assistance, ask them to send out another truck. Fine. Saturn calls me and ASSURES me that there will be a towtruck at my house by 1:00 in the afternoon.

I bet you can all see where this is going huh?
as of 1:15 I call the towing company wondering once again if they are lost. Nope, it'll take another 90 minutes before they get here the lady tells me.
I get a call FROM Saturn 20 minutes later asking me if my assistance has come yet. I hit the option for "no" and get a rep. Who then calls the towing company and is assured that help will be here within 45 minutes. She says to call back if they have not shown up yet.
I call Saturn after 45 minutes and they again call the towing company, who says now they need an additional 20 minutes. The express my disgust and displeasure to the rep, who agrees with me, and says that if they don't show up, call them as soon as 19 minutes and 59 seconds is up and that she will be noting the companies lack of service as well.

They finally showed up 35 minutes after the "20" minutes they said they would be here. Which normally would not be a big deal but after waiting until 9 am to get a tow?!?!?
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