†eVe Xavier† (xlucidiquex) wrote in bad_service,
†eVe Xavier†

Anyone order from these guys?


Desire Clothing, Inc
33 Tom
Hamilton, ON
L8R 1X2

This is what happened to me:

I ordered a custom made Victorian coat from them January 27, 2004. They gave me the details and I sent them a money order for $400. I have spoken verbally to NO ONE, up to this date, not that I have not tried. I have called them many many many times, but the answering machine always picked up. I left my phone number (cell and work number) but no one has EVER called me to discuss this problem. I, to this day, have NOT received my product. They have cashed my money order. I have emailed them multiple times, and they have told me on 2 occasions that my coat would be shipped out THAT WEEK , but I did not receive anything. I emailed them to tell them I had not received anything. The first time, they told me that they had to "order the velvet from Montreal and that they would be shipping it out that Friday" which would be March 5th. I have not received it. The second time, I have heard NOTHING. I have copies of the email correspondence.

Has anyone experienced the same thing?

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