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Dell Drama


I purchased a laptop a little under 3 years ago, and my warranty runs out July 13th, so I'm looking into extending it for another year to make sure I wont need to buy a new computer in the middle of my senior year in college.

Dell's website, where you enter your service tag in and see the costs for the various warranty extensions is quoting me as it will cost $101 for another year. This is a pretty good deal since I have completecare and the laptop was just replaced last December. I go to order the extension and now they're quoting me as it will cost almost $250... I emailed their customer support and am waiting to hear back... hopefully they'll honor their originally stated price.
Has anyone else ever had this problem with Dell?


I recently inquired about extending the warranty on my Dell Latitude 820 laptop. I contacted the phone number below and was quoted the following for an extension of the next business day and complete care warranty:

$243 – 1 year

$365 – 2 years

$510 – 3 years

These figures are almost 2.5 times higher than those advertised on the website (which cited the 1 year extension that I was looking into purchasing as $101 (70 + 31).
I would like to purchase the one year extension at the $101 advertised price, and would like your instruction as how to do so.
I have attached a PDF file of the website as I see it when entering my service tag.

Thank you for your help in this matter.
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