nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

As a follow up to my Bad Realtors post ,
If you can believe it, the exact same realtor showed up once again, unannounced just as another realtor - who had an appointment - arrived.
I told idiot realtor that they couldn't see the house since the others had an appointment.  If they wanted to come back in about 30 minutes, after smart realtor was gone, they were more than welcome.  The couple with idiot realtor smiled and said that they understood, etc.  Thinking it was solved, I went back into the house, leashed up my dog and we headed out to the backyard to get out of their way.

Did idiot realtor leave?  Of course not, they walked right in with smart realtor...and continued to tour the house.  Smart realtor later told me that they would be coming back to tour alone.  I apologized but luckily smart realtor knows all about idiot realtor.

Here's the kicker.  Smart realtor told me that Idiot realtor is the owner/broker of the real estate firm.  So, when I called and complained last time, the person I was talking to was Idiot Realtor.  Smart realtor told me to call my realtor and fill her in on everything, then complain to the local assocations/boards and so on which I have done.

It sucks but my realtor has now prohibited anyone from idiot's firm to show the house.  They aren't a very big firm so I doubt it'll do much damage.

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