BearRingSD (bearringsd) wrote in bad_service,

Do you have any compassion? I think you are running low.

I'm staying home today because I still feel sick, but there are some needs of mine that will drag me from an almost comatose state and demand they must be satisfied. One of those needs is good coffee. I dragged myself from my bed, got the coffee going on the stove and I realized I didn't have any sugar or creamer in the house.

Since there is a supermarket a few blocks away from my place, I thought, "OK, I'll just throw some clothes on, leave the stove on low and just go and pick stuff up. I won't even take my cell phone. What could go wrong?" Oh boy.

First thing, on the way there, I'm waiting at a stop sign and when it's my turn to go, my car sort of lurches forward and just. dies. OOKKAY. I know my car is old, but THIS I didn't expect. I put the car in park, then I start it again and it goes. WHEW. Get to the supermarket. Now, this isn't a fancy supermarket, but they have surprised me with a few gourmet items like smoked hungarian paprika or REALLY good olive oils, so I thought. What the heck, I'll ask for something else I need to get for later.

I flag this girl down that was talking to some of the butchers and I ask her, "Hey, do you guys have some powdered egg whites?" (BTW, powdered egg whites is something you put on royal icing. You can do it with raw egg whites, but this is safer.) Now, I HATE it when clerks at food stores do what this girl is about to do. Her face went blank, then sort of curled into this incredulous grin and said, "WOW, um...I don't know. WOW. You know I've never heard of that before. Um...", she turns to the other employees, "you guys have heard of powdered egg whites?" She manages to say it in a way that also conveys that somehow I'm a freak for asking. Like I just made it up or something. The answer was NO.

OK. Fine.

I get my coffee stuff, pay and go out to the car. Turn the key. Nothing. Turn the key. NOTHING.


I think. OK: I'll call triple A. Oh. That's right. No phone.

I go back inside. Since it's still early there's very few people in yet. So I walk up to the same girl from earlier and I say, "I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I went to my car and it's dead and I need a jump. Do you think you can help me?" She looks at me like I don't realize that I'm not in a gas station or a mechanics shop. Did I look retarded? Did I ask a retarded question? In my head, I was asking for help. She turns to the same butcher woman from earlier and asks her. Then, the butcher woman laughed at me. She shook her head and said, "Just go to the front desk." As I walked away I heard them BOTH laugh at me.

I go to the front desk. I wait. All I'm thinking now is that I haven't brushed my teeth, I look awful, my face feels greasy, my glasses are dirty and my stove is on. A woman comes up and asks me if I need anything. I ask for help again. AGAIN, this OTHER woman looks at me like I'm retarded. I remember my Triple A card, so I ask her for a phone. She points me to the phone and I make my call. I get my car jumped and I go home, feeling like an idiot.

UPDATE: OOKAY. A little clarification. No, I wasn't asking the store staff to fix my car. No, I wasn't blaming them for the obvious bonehead move of leaving my stove on. I mentioned the stove because I THOUGHT i was just recording my state of mind and the thing about the car was how the experience with them showed them to be a little heartless. I KNOW they can't fix my car. I KNOW it's not their resposability. I just thought it was kind of crude that they could laugh at me for asking, but they didn't have the sense to think, "Oh, well, I can't help you with that, but here's a phone."

Thanks for the feedback so far and the comments.
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