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I recently got married and prior to the wedding, I wanted to get contacts (for both the wedding and honeymoon). I went to a new eye place since we moved recently and made an appointment. The eye doctor conducted the eye exam in all of 5 minutes and I thought to myself that he must either be really good at what he does or really bad. He gave me two trial pairs of lenses and I paid $260 for the eye exam and 6 months worth of contacts (6 pairs). Shortly after, we got married and took off on our honeymoon.

The contact in my left eye started to bother me the first day into the trip and I soon discovered that it came apart in pieces in my eye. I was shocked but figured that it was just a fluke. I put the new pair on and the next day, the contact in the other eye also came apart in pieces in my eye (I almost had to go to the eye doctor out of the country because I couldn't get it all out but finally did). Mind you, I've had eye exams and contact lenses before and I've never, ever had a problem.

Upon returning from our trip this week, I called the eye place and they put the doctor on the phone. I explained the situation and said that I didn't want the rest of the contacts that I ordered (I still hadn't received them but I knew they were coming in to the eye place) but that I wanted to exchange them for different ones. After I finished he said "Oh, I know you've thought about what you'd say all day to me, but you did great". The tone of voice was so obnoxious and I was just too shocked to respond. Clearly, the guy didn't believe me and for some reason or other he thinks I'm trying to trick him? The part that gets to me is that it's not like I canceled that order on the lenses. I just asked if I could order different ones because these clearly didn't work for me. Anyway, I'm dreading my appointment today because apparently he thinks I'm a liar. My husband thinks that I should just ask for all of my money back. The whole situation is really upsetting.
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