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Citi Financial Oh how I loath thee!

So Citi Financial has been calling me at least once a week for the last month+ asking for my old roommate (who hasn't been at this number for over 3 months). Working nights they of course call during those precious hours of sleep in the afternoon. Now after telling them that she is not at the number that she has moved, they all go 'oh ok thanks anyway' and hang up. Most of the time I do get the whole - 'do not call this number again' in but this last time.... oh I seen red!

Today at 1515 CST this lovely woman called. She first asked if I had 'inherited' the phone number - well no it's been MY and strictly MY phone number for the last 4 years. Then I was asked if I had her number - well of course, but I said no, not that I would give it out to some unknown caller anyway. When asked for a call back number in case I do see my lovely exroomie (really I do love her!) I was told it was just a curtsy call from Citi Financial (that was the first time they actually told me who they were) and there was no number she could call back (I call bullshit!)
I was then informed by this ever so annoying one that it was MY responsibility to track her down and get her to call in - again NO, that would be YOUR job!
That was then followed by me demanding (not yet yelling or extremely hostile - I work in a call center I know how this shit goes) that my number be removed from the account and be on their DNC list. That it is not my responsibility to hunt her down, nor is it my responsibility to provide them with her contact number. Also if the calls did not stop it would constitute harassment & my lawyer would be filing litigation against their company. To which the response was... dun dun dunnnn dead air, but call center background noise. She really didn't like my next comment 'hun I know your still there, so either respond or get my your supervisor'. That's when she hung up.

So I went Googling Citi's contact #. I got 1-800-995-2274 which took me to some branch, not sure which one. So the nice guy I explained my situation to was also calling bullshit to not having a contact #, gave me 1-800-922-6235 for the customer service line. He also told me he'd send an email to the higher ups about it (first nice helpful guy)

The next guy I spoke with was also very helpful - he just happened to be in the wrong center for what I needed. He was with the banking end of things, not the CC part that I needed, but he also added my # to the DNC list and gave me 1-800-263-3274.

That's where more fun starts. First woman (I always get the bitchy ones who are just there for the pay not to help) she has no idea what she's doing, can't do anything without verifying security on the account - understandable - however not my account, company's been told that enough they need to get their collective head's out of their asses and do their job. Doesn't want to do anything, so I ask for a supervisor. She comes back and tells me the number's been removed. Granted I've heard this before from the outbound reps and I don't believe her. After a short hold time she tells me there is no supervisor (again with the B.S) one will call me back (yes cuz I need to be woken up tomorrow also!) She ends up hanging up on me when I tell her I'll hold until one is.

Call back, this time it's the s/o. First woman needs coaching. This second woman kept it professional. Told her the story, ask for a supervisor, tell her not to refresh. 10 min later, get Alex. Alex is an asshole. Alex gets yelled at for being an asshole. Alex hangs up.

Call back (s/o still) get Mike. He's nice and pleasant and tells us the number will be removed in 24 hrs. Now if that's business hours or not hard to tell. Do I believe it actually happened? No.

That's where LJ comes in. Does anyone here know how to get a hold of the corporate contact number for Citi Financial Canada? I've looked at their site but can't see anything. Granted that may be due to being woken up, the fact it's freaking hot out and my AC is busted, or just plain missing it right in front of my face.

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