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discounting gone bad?

so, saturday my fiance &i went out with two friends for lunch.

we had the new entertainment card &book &chose a place out of it to eat, with a voucher for 'free main menu item with another main menu item'.

so, my fiance &i order ours-- totalling $30. the lady puts it through for the $30, because my fiance signed the credit card slip without noticing the amount. the lady realised her mistake (straight away) &said 'oh here's the $15 for the meal' with cash out of the til.

fine. one mistake like this is understandable.

but then she did the same for our two friends. process it wrong. cash back out of til.

so...... perhaps not BAD service.. but i'm trying to work out if she's got some sort of scam going in how she's processing the vouchers?? just seems quite odd really..
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