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I just ranted about this in my journal and now I bring it to you.

If this is any indication of how the rest of my day will go, then I should head back to bed and say forget it.

This morning, a UPS guy showed up at my door with a package that I had been expecting.  Great!  The pretty floral dinnerware that I had ordered from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse had arrived.  Note:  I have bought things from them before with no problem.  However, this was back in 2000.  

Well, times change, I guess.  The man informed me that he could not leave my package until I gave him $51.25 for a COD charge.

Um, suck what?

I explained to him that I had already sent a check for the merchandise.  He explained that he really couldn't leave the parcel without receiving the money, but he could send it back and ask them to send it non-COD.  Okay, fine, not his fault.  I asked him to send it back.  Then, I came back up to the apartment to find out what the F was going on.

My checkbook register confirmed that I had written the check on May 17th.  So, it had plenty of time to get there and clear.  That meant a phone call was in order.  Joy.  I found the original envelope I that had contained the offer for the dishes as well as the merchandise vouchers.  An address for the company was listed (it's in Texas), but no number.  I had to find that on the Internet.  Oh, and it wasn't a toll free number either.  (I can't wait to see that charge on the phone bill.  :P)

Anyway, after playing the runaround game with the automated system (that still had my account balance from 2000, but no info on my recent order), I finally reached a CSR.  I explained the situation to her and she told me that the COD charge was for delivery and insurance (and handling, I think).  

I had assumed that some kind of shipping charge was already figured into the price as there wasn't anything in that envelope to tell me differently.  If this information had been in the literature when I ordered the dishes, I wouldn't have been as pissed off (I probably wouldn't have placed an order, either).  I didn't like having it thrust upon me out of the blue.  They didn't do this when I ordered from them before.  

That was when I told the CSR that I didn't want the dishes, but a refund of the purchase price ($59.95).  She said that I would have to call back with my request when they received the package.  Yeah, I know how fishy that sounds and I don't trust these people as far as I can throw them.  

I am not letting this go without a good fight, though.  I WILL get my money back.

***Okay, I won't deny that I was a bit naive here.  Sometimes you take a chance and get burned.  I just didn't like the underhanded way they went about applying those charges.  Just tell me straight out if you're going to fleece me with shipping/insurance fees.  I don't like nasty surprises thrown in my face before I get my morning coffee fix.***

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