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Car Bad Service on the part of god knows who..

I've had a 2007 Dodge Caliber since July 2006. It's a shitty car for many reasons, but lately it's been going beyond just normal shitty into WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU shitty. 

Going from a Jeep to a station wagon is a big change, and I was dealing ok with it. The car shakes, but somehow every car I get shakes more than what is normal. It's loud but not as loud as the jeep was. The cruise control never worked quite right and has now died on me (it's one of the steering column handle ones, not the one that's right in the steering wheel) but they're gonna replace that, so ok. They didn't put out some part my car needed for oil changes (the filter or something, IDK) so the only place I could take it for awhile was the dealer, who charged at least $10 more than anywhere else, but they've since released that part and the price of the oil change has dropped at the dealer anyway, so ok. 

But all along I've been having quirky little problems with the damn car. Quirky little problems that SHOULD show up in the cars computer when they check it with the moniter but somehow they never do. First after a hard rain earlier that day my cars windshield wipers and headlights just decided to throw a party, going on and off as they chose to. It was not raining when they decided to work by themselves. Then there was steam coming from the engine. By the time I got it into the dealer this had all stopped. The did the diagnostic, came up with nothing, drove it to try to dupilicate it and came up with nothing. Ok. Whatever. Glitch in the matrix, I can deal. 

The brakes don't work well. Every other car I've driven, when you put your foot on the brake you start stopping gradually, but it's a noticable stop. With this car it's either put your foot on the brake from a mile away if you want to stop, or slam on it at a normal distance and keep holding it down and hope you don't slide out. Not normal, but no one else seems to have this problem with it, or at least not as badly as I do. Ok, maybe I just suck at driving this car, I'm willing to say that it may indeed be a combination of factors in this instance as people have noticed what I've said about the brakes, just not to the same degree that I have.

My car is ANGRY when it has to accelerate and goes really high on the RPM gauge when accelatarting from a stop making that "GRRRRAAAARRRRRRRRRARRR!" noise to much more exaggerated degree than any other car I've driven. When I drive on some roads, especially when accelerating it feels like the bottom of my car is just going to drop out of the car, it also feels like the bottom of my car hits the road almost, but I know that doesn't actually happen, it's just a weird feeling. Also, the windows are not sealed properly so I get the annoying air whistle, but I can live with that.  

My most recent problem, however, is a really fun one. This first happened after a heavy rain but has happened since. I will start my car. The check oil light will come on. I will put the car in drive and it will roll backwards. I will put it in park with my foot on the brake and it will continue to roll backwards. Finally I engage the parking break. The first time this happened I shut it off and restarted it and the engine revved by itself while in park, but no oil light came on and once I put it in drive, all was well. The second time this happened it had not been raining, the light came on, it rolled backwards, park still rolled backwards, engaged parking brake, shut off car. Restarted car, same results. Turned off and restarted again and it worked ok again, no revving this time. 

My dad works for Chrysler and took it in today, they ran the monitor on it and the cars computer didn't even register that the oil light came on, which it should, because the car automatically registers that stuff, but no, not my car. So obviously, if the car says there is nothing wrong, there is nothing they can do to fix it, because they don't know what is wrong with it. Dad is taking it into the dealer today to get the cruise control fixed and to have them look at it again, but nothign will show up... So I get to continue to drive my broken, POS car. Horray.   

So bad service on the part of who? The manufacturer for making a shitty car? The dealer for not looking at it longer? I'm not really sure, but I'm very much not satisfied with the car itself, or the fact that everyone keeps telling me there is nothing wrong with it when there totally is...

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