A scream from the Void... (bane_keldare) wrote in bad_service,
A scream from the Void...

Bad Service update.

Remember my complaint with Hastings? http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/1250902.html

Well, I went in there, because I still go there for books and used games and stuff, great store if you ask me. And the last few times I went there, I hadn't seen the girl I complained about earlier. Well, I was at the checkout and the manager and I were just chatting and stuff, and when he noted that I barely buy any new games there, I explained why.

Apparently, she'd been fired for having a record of her attitude. However, my case was nowhere near the worst. The last straw was when she told some 11-year old kid to "fuck off, I'm busy" while she was stocking the CDs.

I always thought she was just cranky. But that's just downright mean.

Ah well. I felt like writing something and figured this would be interesting to post to the community. :D
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