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I'm not entirely sure where I should post this. . .

But I'm going to post it here first, then if I feel it shouldn't be here, I'll fix it.

I work in the B&N Cafe' in my local Barnes & Noble. Not a great job, but not horrific, either. (Yet.) So, when this happened, I wasn't sure what to think.

Yesterday afternoon, a woman came up the counter, and she asked for a large iced tea. That's not so unusual. Now, I'm not terribly judgemental about the things people wear. I mean, hell, like I can be taken seriously wearing all black, with my green apron and hat sporting out logo? Riiiiight.

Anyway, the weird part was, she had no bra on. I wouldn't have been an issue, but she had breasts that were at least Size DDD or over. And she was wearing a T-shirt that hid almost nothing. Plus, she smelled just a bit. . .odd. Normally, I'd have been offended. But just from looking at her, and from listening to how she spoke, it was almost a no-brainer that the lady was mentally handicapped. However, she was never rude, and she smiled the whole time. In fact, when I told her she was 5 cents short, she almost cried. That's when I made Crystal check her pockets for tip change, because I had only just gotten there, so I had no tips yet. She was such a sweet woman, I just couldn't let her NOT have her tea!

So, the woman recieved her tea, and her face damn near split in two with a grin. That made me happy. So, she walked off, and I went on to the next customer. End of story, right?


A few minutes later, my manager, Karen, comes back and I hear Candace and Crystal say, "Karen! You so just missed it! This woman with huge tits was just here, and she was wearing NO BRA!!! Oh, my God, it was sooooo funny! She HAD to have known that she looked stupid. What a MORON!" They were laughing like they were sitting in a bar, telling each other dirty jokes. But THAT'S not what made me REALLY mad.

What got me was that instead of chastizing them for saying such things in front of other customers, or for being assholes about an obviously mentally deficient person, Karen laughed. SHE FUCKING LAUGHED WITH THEM. -_-


Luckily, the poor woman was out of earshot, happily looking through magazines on a rack at the other side of the cafe'. But I was fucking STEAMED. I wouldn't talk to any of them for almost half an hour. (I know that doesn't seem like I held out long, but that was simply so I wouldn't rip someone's head off.)

Later, the woman came back up, and asked for a refill. Crystal, to her credit, carefully and politely told her we don't do refills anymore, and that if she wanted some more tea, she would have to buy some more. She also apologized for the inconvenience.

The woman's face twisted a little bit, like she was trying hard to consider/understand the dilema, and then came back up to the register with a five-dollar bill and got her refill. She smiled at me and said, "My brother gave me some more money so I could get my tea." She seemed so proud that her brother was so nice as to buy her tea. I couldn't help smiling. I almost just gave her the tea without making her pay, but I saw Manager Karen out of the corner of my eye in the corner of the cafe', so I thought twice about it.

The woman thanked me, and left happily with her fresh tea. She looked so much like a happy, bouncing little kid that I couldn't help smiling some more. Then I heard giggling behind me, and I just KNEW that Candice was back there, laughing her ass off at the poor woman. I wanted to hit her SO BAD, but I knew there wasn't anything I could do. If the manager laughs at poor, retarded persons, who the hell was I suppose to complain to?

*sigh* Sometimes, I hate my job. I really do.

So, does this count as Bad Service, or should I post it in Retail Hell? Thoughts?
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