Becs (aikiariyen) wrote in bad_service,

Dear sales girl,

Ok, yes, I understand you have a sale on. I understand it's busy. I understand that it might take longer for you to get sizes of shoes for me, due to this.

What I don't understand is why you took the sample shoes to get sizes, returned without them, proceeded to serve who I assume is someone you know by your very familiar manner, get her sizes, return with them, go back and get more sizes for her, and then, 20 minutes later, finally return with sizes for me (the only reason I stayed is because there were clothes to look at in the meantime thanks to Mum playing runner).

Then you checked up on me fairly quickly (the only commendable part of your service!), and when I asked for a different size, went off and disappeared for a while, then returned to your friend-type-person, without my shoes, ignored me as I asked where they were.

Needless to say, I ended walking out 3/4 of an hour after first asking for sizes without purchasing a thing, with a bad view of the service.

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