Alcina (alcina2) wrote in bad_service,

Burger King sucky corporate policy...(potentially lethal to kidney patients)

I went into my local BK yesterday and ordered a standard meal. When I went to get some salt, I saw that one side (only) of the packets gave the trade name 'Lo-Salt'.

Now I happen to know that this means that the so called 'salt' actually has more potassium chloride than sodium chloride ( the chemical usually called 'salt') But nowhere on the packets does it say this.

So where is the suck, you may ask? Here it comes.

I've in the past been a carer to a person suffering from kidney problems. She was put on a strictly potassium-limited diet, to the extent that not only were certain foods like bananas forbidden, but she even had to drink certain mineral waters rather than other water that might have been higher in potassium. The message her consultant gave was 'Your potassium level is close to lethal; watch everything you eat and drink'. Luckily this only lasted a few weeks (it was the result of traumatic organ failure), but..

Nowhere on these 'salt' packets in Burger King did it make it clear that they were little packets of potassium. If the person I was caring for had happened to go into Burger King yesterday, without a person who knew what 'Lo-salt' actually was, she would quite possibly have died of kidney failure.

Apparently, acording to the manager, it is 'corporate policy' only to offer 'Lo-Salt' in Burger King restaurants, because it's 'healthy'. At least until the first widow of a kidney patient sues....

Irresposible? You might think so; I couldn't possibly comment...
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