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Greyhound argh.

Greyhound bus terminal, Nashville Tennessee.

The rudest employees, delays of first 1 hour, then 3 hours, for no apparent reason, and

There's a little food service area, with signs for burgers, eggs, that kind of thing. Since it's 7am and I'm starving, I ask the only visible worker, "Is it too early to get a burger or something?"

She replies, "What?"
"Is it too early to order a hamburger?"
"Hamburger? Order over there." -points-

...and there's no one over "there." After a moment, someone comes from the back, and starts stocking things. I ask her if she's cooking, and since she is, I ask, "Can I get a hamburger, please?"
"Not till noon."

Would it have been that hard for the first person to tell me that?

So I grab one of their pre-made sandwiches (which are really pitiful but whatever, it's a Greyhound terminal).

I have tea bags with me, so I want a cup of hot water. Easy, right? And oh, look! There are not one, but two self-service thingies with signs that say "HOT WATER," near the ones that say "COFFEE" and "DECAF."

The first "HOT WATER" thing has coffee in it. ookay, how about the second one?

"Hi, there's no hot water in either of these."
"Nope. No hot water."
"...I'd like a cup of hot water. Can you refill them?"
"I can get you hot water." --but she makes no attempt to take the cup I offer her or get me hot water in any way.
"...Okay, thanks?"
"Is that it? You want tea or something?"
"No, I have tea bags. That's all."
-exchange of money-

Then, she turns to the guy behind me in line. I haven't gotten my water yet. The guy informs her there's no decaf in either of the "DECAF" urns either. She is similarly helpful to him:

"Coffee is $1.49."
[guy] "I'm waiting for her [me] to move her stuff [my couple bags]. And can you make some decaf?"

[me] "I'm still waiting for hot water."
-sigh- -goes and fills a cup with hot water from the coffeemaker tap-

o.O Excuse me for not going away before you finish my order? And just generally, WTF?

This is after I get delayed in Indianapolis. We get off the one bus and are told to transfer to another, fine. I'm in line, people get on, the guy in front of me gets on, and then--
"Bus is full."
"The driver told us--"
"The bus is full. That's it." No apology, no explanation, no explanation of any alternatives. He just talked to me like I was a fucking child.

So all the people waiting inside the terminal to get on this same bus start getting pissed. Apparently, the previous bus was also full. They've been waiting since 10pm, it's now 1am, and the employee FINALLY informs everybody that the next bus is at 4 am. No promises that it won't be full too, of course.

Overbooking dooms me and a bunch of other people to 2 hours of nonstop Paris Hilton news. That's got to be also bad service on the part of Fox "News."

I understand overbooking by a couple people, but there were a couple dozen of us that were bumped. Maybe a driver didn't show, I don't know, but everyone was just so damn rude and unhelpful! No explanations offered, and they acted absolutely astonished and offended that customers would interrupt them while they're texting or smoking or chatting with other employees (which was all *any* of them were doing, it's not like we picked on someone who was on break) to ask them such irrelevent questions as "Which bus goes to XYZ?" or "Can I get my bag out since I don't have a seat on the bus?"

Not what I need after a week of finals and moving. Not what any paying customer deserves. grrrrrrrrr.
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