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I'm so pissed off!

I never thought I'd get mad enough to post an entry in here. I'm in customer service myself, so I understand that mistakes happen, and people fly off the handle. This is not one of those stories.

We moved into our new house about two and a half months ago. After two weeks of being here, I finally called Allied/Midland Waste to set up our trash pick-up services. The woman on the phone was very helpful in setting up our account, and all seemed well. She said trash service would start and remain on Thursdays.

So Thursday rolls around, and I lug my trash out to the curb. Friday night comes and goes, and nobody's picked it up.

I call the company, and this time a different woman answers. She can't even find an account under my name. So, we set the account up again. Same thing as before, pick-up on Thursday morning, yadda yadda.

So I lug my double-week garbage out to the curb Wednesday night. Friday night rolls around, no pickup. I call the company, and they tell me that the driver notated in his log that it wasn't put out early enough. I tell them he's full of it, and they say they'll send somebody out right away. It finally gets picked up on Monday.

Next Thursday rolls around, I lug my garbage out to the curb. It doesn't freakin' get picked up. I call the company again, by this time pretty pissed off. Again, they tell me that the driver notated that it wasn't out in time; once again, I tell her he's full of it. She says she'll send a special truck to get it. It doesn't happen.

I call there today around 3 PM and talk to another receptionist, who says she'll have a superviser call me back. An hour and a half goes by, nobody calls. Furious, I called them again, and talk to the superviser. He says, and I quote:

"Well ma'am, we can't babysit the drivers 100% of the time."

Dude, are you fucking serious? That's the best excuse you can think of? My trash hasn't been picked up without hassle once since I enrolled, and that's all you have to say? You can't get a driver to do his fucking job once in a four-week period?

They seem to have a problem doing what they're friggin' paid for, but they sure as hell don't have a problem billing me for the service, which I never really received.

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