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ah get over yourself

I gave bad service today to, imo, a shitty customer-to-be. So I suppose it goes here and customer's suck.

There were three people working today. One [manager] needed to be in the back to work on something, one was taking care of the customer on the yogurt side of the store, and i was on the pretzel side, working on an order.

When I tell someone an order will be worked on and cooked in 5-8 min, I WANT it to be done within that time span because I KNOW for a fact most people will get rude about it, even if I said: "it will be done in *about* so and so minutes" NOT: "it will be done exactly in so and so minutes." This special order = cut piece of dough + use the roller to flatten it + cut pieces with cutter + blot the jalapenos [dough doesn't stick if it's wet + pinch dough together to keep jalapenos in place + put them in the oven.

Apparently, I missed the snarky "not even going to say you'll be with us in a moment" comment because I get the above snarky comment from one after I tell the three guys this.
My reply: "I just said that"
Him: "yeha after I mentioned it" then some rude passive-aggressive comments about me to his friends

He gets all huffy because I didn't stop everything I was doing to help him. He was standing there for about one minute while I was trying to finish this order I was halfway through.
Him: yadda yadda about not telling him I'd be with him in a moment asap "and you're not doing your job because you aren't taking care of your customers"
Me: "Yes, I am. I'm working on a customer's order, and I will be with you when I'm finished."
Him: bitches about me being the only one on this side [as if i can help the fact we get busy and the he is impatient]
we go back and forth a few seconds with the snark and he demands my name and the corporate number.
Me: "Ok. I'll get it when I'm finished or you can wait until my co-worker is finished"
Him: grows impatient and says to two people who walk up "I've been waiting here for 10 minutes and no one is doing their jobs so I wouldn't recommend staying here" comes over to me "nevermind I'll just go to the management office and get the number. Thank you." and leaves

About two minutes had passed.

A few seconds after this happens I finish the order and place it in the over and take care of the other customers. The manager also comes up from the back. I'm not paying attention to what the other employee is doing. I tell her about what happened and to know my boss will more than likely receive a complaint about me. I think that is standard procedure?
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