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Credit Card bad service

Let's see, this fiasco starts off almost 3 weeks ago, when I called Citi Cards to order a replacement card because I had lost my other one. So they close this one, and open another account, and send a new one out, and they say it will take about 5-7 days to get a new card. I was hoping the card would come the day before I left for vacation, but it never came. A week later, I come back and it never came. I would call about every other day to verify my address, and every time they would say "Yup, that's what we have."

Finally, about 3 days ago, I was like "Look, it hasn't come, can you just send another, but this time I will pay for it to be overnighted". They say okay, there will be a 15 dollar fee, and I verify my address, and they say it will be there.So then it comes to today, and it still hadn't come, and I call, and they say "It has be received, and it was signed by [not my name] at 11:11 am yesterday." I kind of freaked out and was like "That's not me, and I don't know anyone by that name!". So then I get sent to an account specialist, and he looks at my account, and he said "Well, it looks like they never changed your mailing address...".

I ask for it to be overnighted, without the fee, and they said okay. He finally changed my mailing address. But WTF!!!!

I know an "emergency on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part" or whatever the hell the saying goes, but I patiently waited for 3 FUCKING weeks, and no card. GRRR!!!

What would you do?

Oh yea, and to add. Everytime I have called to see about my card, they change the account number everytime they have sent a new one. So in the last 3 weeks, my account number has been changed 3 times. I can't believe they never figured out that I haven't been getting my card because my mailing address was never updated, even though everytime I called, I made sure they updated the mailing address.

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