The queen of the imps (tenshinofushigi) wrote in bad_service,
The queen of the imps

Yesterday afternoon, I went out with three of my friends to the local Friendly's to get lunch. We were seated at a booth, and out waitress was a seemingly nice woman who took our drink orders right away and had a good demanor. Trouble arose, however, when she came to take our meal orders and asked if we'd like an appetizer. We tossed around the idea of getting a combo platter for everyone to share, but ultimately we said no. I specifically remember my friend Peter looking up and her and saying, "No, no thanks," before she got our meal orders.

A few minutes later, surprise, surprise, she brings out a combo platter and walked away to another table. When she had finished with the other table, we awkwardly called her back and told her we hadn't ordered an appetizer.

Now, I get that she misunderstood us or misheard what we said. It's fine. But as soon as we brought her back and told her, she huffed out a short "Well, fine," fixed us with an evil stare, and brought it back to the kitchen. For the rest of the time we were there, this woman refused to talk to us. When she came back to our table, she just stood there and stared at us until we asked to order dessert. And when she brought the desserts out, she just stood there and stared at us again until we asked for the check. Meanwhile, at all the other tables, she was smiling and chatting and friendly, but once she passed us, the smile vanished into a dragon-glare.

We still tipped her when we left, though it was more like 10% than 15%. I mean, granted she was kind of irritating, but she still brought us our food.
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