kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

BBQ bitch.

minor annoyance..

earlier this week I went to a local BBQ restaurant to pick up some food for me & my co-workers. I phone in the order ahead of time, and luckily it was ready when I got there.

I made it specifically clear that I had two seperate orders.. one was 2 sandwiches, and another was a BBQ salad.

the girl at the counter seemed to get confused that somehow a person could place 2 orders. I clarified with her which bag was which, and she began to ring up my order.

this is the key part: I asked her, "is what you're ringing up now the first order of 2 sandwiches?" she replied YES.

she rings it up, & I pay with cash. it's important for me to always seperate my order from my co-worker's order so that they get back the exact change. they gave me cash. I pay for my meals with a debit card. I hand her the cash, she gives me the change, and a receipt. The receipt says MY order on it... the BBQ salad. I CLEARLY asked her just to make absolute sure that she was ringing up the sandwiches. she said yes, but apparently that wasn't right.

I said "sorry m'am, but this was supposed to be the cash order.. the sandwiches, you said." she rolled her eyes at me, scoffed, sighed, mumbled & grumbled, you name it. she slapped her hands down on her legs & said to a co-worker: "you do this! I can't do this!".. clearly getting frustrated. ok, not a big deal. I felt bad for being an inconvenience to her, even though it was NOT my fault that she wrang up the wrong items. I apologized -- SEVERAL TIMES -- to her, for the trouble. she did not respond to my apologies, AT ALL. no "thanks" or "it's ok" or a "fuck you bitch".. NOTHING. she wouldn't even make eye contact with me.

a guy comes over & finally gets it right. I pay for the food in the correct way & she's just standing there, sucking her teeth & rolling her eyes. I said "Thank you.. again, m'am, I'm sorry for the trouble.." and AGAIN, she ignored me.

I can understand being a little put off at your own mistakes.. being frustrated that day, or whatever. but she was a rude little jerk. getting an attitude with me over your own mistakes is one thing.. but to ignore me after that is another.

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