empress i (silverpatronus) wrote in bad_service,
empress i

bad_service at wok-n-roll

Oh WNR, how I hate thee. I ordered and went in to pick up my food.

First off, if you're sharing counter space with other eateries, in the manner of a truck stop, please to be putting up a SIGN that says where your space is. I didn't appreciate walking up and down and finally having to get directions from 3 different other eateries. Finally, I find them, and give the cashier my order number. She finds the order slip and gives me my total. So far, so good. I'm paying with a debit card, it swipes, I PIN, screen says approved. Fabulous. Except there is something wrong with the paper in the machine. The cashier fiddles with it and fixes it, then asks me for my card again. I've been scammed this way before, so I'm immediately wary.

Me: Why? It swiped and was approved.
Stupid Cashier: Oh yeah, I know, but the receipt didn't print properly so I need to run the transaction again.
Me: (Uh, that's not how it works) But if you run it again, it will take the money out of my account again. You can get a duplicate receipt of the transaction
SC: No, I need to run your card and get your PIN again.
Me: Uh, no, if I do that, you will have charged my card twice.

She continues to argue with me, until the manager swoops in and asks her what the problem is.

SC: Well the paper wasn't working properly, so I have to run her card again and get her PIN again to get a receipt, and I'm TRYING to explain to her that it won't charge her twice if I do that.

Awesome manager looks at her like she's a kook, then reaches over her and hits the 'duplicate receipt' button on the machine. Machine spits out my duplicate, she hands it over to the cashier and points out the nifty button that made it all possible, and then looks at me and rolls her eyes as if to say 'can you BELIEVE what I have to deal with?' SC then glares at me, stomps over to get my food and slams it down on the counter.
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