The Forgotten Colloquialist (papermuse) wrote in bad_service,
The Forgotten Colloquialist

UPS Suckage

I ordered an item off Amazon Sunday, payed an extra 20 for it to be shipped to my house by today via UPS.

Today comes, UPS truck zooms by at 5 pm, no package. I track it, the site says it was attempted delivery at 3:19 and no one was home. Thing was, I was home all day long, and I was for sure home at 3:19 and even in my kitchen with all the doors open and no UPS man. Hmmmmm. After some choice words with UPS customer service lady-who INSISTS (quite rudely) that since Mr. UPS guy says he attempted to deliver it, that that is what they go by and she will tell our local depo the situation but they will probably just deliver it tomorrow. 

So, 20 minutes later I get a call from the local Depo. Turns out dude LIED-hey no surprise there-because they found the package on a different truck and instead of him saying he didnt have the package, he lied and said he had tried to deliver it. WHY? He will be *reprimanded* according to the lady who called me, but they cant deliver my package until tomorrow. 

So I call the CS number back, and explain that a)UPS made a mistake by placing my package on the wrong truck, b) UPS's delivery driver LIED about trying to deliver the package and c)that while I dont expect a full refund, I do expect a partial refund because I did pay 20 extra dollars to have it delivered today and since they screwed up, I shouldnt be responsible for the full price. The guy says he understands but I have to take it up with Amazon, since they charged them, and Amazon will have to try and get reimbursed. 

I have a feeling I am not going to see a dime of that 20 dollars back. If I had thought I wouldnt have my package today, I would have just gone for free shipping. And I would love to give the driver who LIED the whatfor. I am really really hoping its his last infraction and his ass gets fired. If its who I think it is, the same guy who speeds through our child riddled neighbourhood and who smokes enough to make all packages wreak of smoke along with some other interesting things, then he deserves it.
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