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eBay - House of lies


What is it with the painful decline in this site?

I recently posted an auction for an original Pirates of the Caribbean Gold Coin Necklace. I listed the item as an authentic, licensed prop replica with pictures to support my claims. The spec was very clear, and I did not use any logos or claim ownership of any copyright material.

So what did eBay do?

They remove my item within 24 hours of me posting it, and don’t refund my fees. My bidders: gone as well.

I complain and ask them exactly why they took my auction down. They send me an automated answer that accuses me of posting an unauthorised reproduction – a fake! Obviously I want to know why they thought this in the first place. I check and re-check the rules that they direct me to, and can see that I’ve done no wrong at all. There was nothing in my auction or images to suggest this was not 100% the real deal.

I email them again, asking for a proper reply. I receive yet another automated response exactly the same as the previous. And where are my listing fees? Still not refunded, despite eBay’s claims that they are.

I email them one last time – 3rd time lucky right?
Finally, a real person replies and whoopsie, it seems they made an “error removing the listing.” But they can’t reinstate it as it’s been completely removed from the system. I’ll just have to start over from scratch.

And my fees they promised would be refunded – not refunded!

So I’m back to square one. I can re-list my item all over and hope that my bidders return. Pray that eBay don’t remove it again “in error.” Or just sell the item privately.

So for the record, if you have a bone to pick with eBay, expect to email them at least 3 times before a real person will email you back. And of course, all UR moonies R belong to eBay

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