Lux (_ochre) wrote in bad_service,

Money thrown :(

I had to run an errand for my boss one time. It was at noon and me being in the Tropics, it's freaking warm. It would have been a 10-15 minute walk from where I was back to my office but I just didn't want to perspire all over and then go back to work. Besides, my boss gave me allowance to take a taxi back.

So I grab a taxi from the taxi stand, and tell him my destination. Note, if he didn't want to take me because it was so near, he could have rejected me and I would have been more than happy to take the cab behind.

Anyway, he drove me back to my work place. Sucks for him, but the light was green all the way and the meter didn't even jump when I arrived at my destination. It was $2.50. Usually, I give the taxi drivers $4 and tell him to them the change because I feel rather bad if the meter moves very little. (Tipping is not mandatory in my country.) But when I handed that idiot $4 and before I could tell him to keep the change, he flicked a $2 note in my face and shouted "give me fifty cents instead".

I don't have fifty cents, asshole. I told him to either gave me back $1.50 in change or just take the damn $2. I cannot magically make fifty cents appear in my palm. He finally took out his huge box of change (?!?!?) and handed me $1.50 in small change. Like in ten, twenty cent coins. WTF IMMATURE MUCH?!

Also, he called me a bitch and a local swear word just before I left the taxi. *throws hands in air* Just a pity I didn't take down the license plate number of that damn taxi.

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